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At Sprayer Hub, we offer quick and easy rentals at competitive prices. Rent the professional equipment you need for a one-time project, or try out an equipment to ensure it meets your requirements before committing to a large capital purchase. Regardless of your reason, we have you covered. With rental locations across Canada, we make it easy for you to find what you need, when you need it so you can get your project done right.

  • Why does Sprayer Hub rent equipment?
    Some of our customers have an one-time project, they would like to test out an equipment before purchasing a new one, or their equipment is in for repair and they need something they can use in the interim. Regardless of your reason, we at Sprayer Hub want to ensure that you and your business continues to operate stress free so that you can focus on your time and attention on what matters most.
  • What type of equipment do you rent?
    We have a wide selection of equipment available. You can browse the availability of tools on our website.
  • How long can I rent the equipment for?
    Minimum rental period is 2 days, but tools can be rented for longer-term rentals such as weekly and monthly.
  • Does every Sprayer Hub location have the same selection of equipment?
    While we aim to have all locations carry the same rental equipment, sometimes this is not possible. We would recommend that you browse the availability of tools on our website and select a location that is convenient for pick-up.
  • What needs to be done before we return the equipment to Sprayer Hub?
    Before you return the equipment, please ensure it is cleaned and it is in proper working conditions. There will be a fee for all equipment returned which is not cleaned. In the event that the equipment is miss used and not in proper working orders, a replacement cost fee will be charged. For additional information, please call the location closest to you.

Best Sellers

Best Sellers

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